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My thoughts on the dismissal of Frost

Advertisements Before we get into it, don’t forget we had two posts today! Our Friday toilet reading: After the game this past Saturday, there was something weird in the air. The October 1st date was well known by everyone, but something was wrong. We had just lost to a team we paid 1.4 millionContinue reading “My thoughts on the dismissal of Frost”

Oklahoma Preview 2022

Advertisements In the most condescending first sentence ever, the cupcakes are now out of the way for us and on to Oklahoma and our conference schedule. While the Sooners have played no one of importance (UTEP and Kent State), they are 2-0 with convincing wins in both contests. Oklahoma currently has a top 10 defenseContinue reading “Oklahoma Preview 2022”

Coaching Candidates

Advertisements I always hesitated to speculate on who we would get if we fired Frost. It just seemed odd to talk about since I knew multiple people working in Lincoln and wanted them to succeed. Alberts pulled the rip cord yesterday earlier than I thought he would, but losing to Northwestern first game, tied atContinue reading “Coaching Candidates”


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