Nebraska Moving Back to East Sideline

Not sure if many of you remember, but during the pandemic last year, Scott Frost and Nebraska moved for the first time to the West Sideline (where the coaches boxes are). Here’s a Journal Star article on it by a really good journalist, Parker Gabriel:

There’s a few things in that… but the long and short of it is we were trying to protect our signals. As you all know, we signal every play in from the sideline. If you are on the east side, the coaches box on the west side can see literally every signal going in. Further, when teams are filming the game, they can film all of our signals.

Now, let’s be fair, on the west sideline, sometimes we would see the opposing team having backup linemen holding towels up so our coaches couldn’t look down and see the adjustments that are being made.

I’m just fascinated with us being on the east in 2019, 2020 being on the west, and back to the east in 2021. I just don’t think fans or no fans had any impact on whether our signals were stolen or not. So I would love to be a fly on the wall for the decision.

This matters zero… it’s Friday. Just wanted more characters to discuss it than what Twitter says.

6 thoughts on “Nebraska Moving Back to East Sideline

    1. Ya, I really don’t know. I get the shade thing that someone else brought up for West being good. I just don’t understand that if we are trying to hide our signals, what fans in the stands would have to do with any of that.

  1. Maybe with no fans he didn’t have to worry about people getting upset that they were no longer on the “home” side. People especially old people are fickle about where their seats are.

    1. Hmm… that’s not a bad thought. I’m hoping that’s not it, since if he feels he’s at a disadvantage on the east for sign stealing I would hope he would move to the west permanently. But that’s interesting.

  2. It’s that dad-Gum NIL thing. The fact that TV’s main play-by-play broadcast is from the west side shooting east, gives more “air time” for sponsored players! 😉

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