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Wisconsin Preview 2021

Welp… here come the Badgers. This team is better than Oklahoma or Michigan State when we played them. However, they aren’t better than Ohio State who we hung around with, so that is somewhat encouraging. What concerns me is that Wisconsin has their fate in their own hands. If they win out against us andContinue reading “Wisconsin Preview 2021”

Trev will be right no matter what, and should location play a part in what scheme you run?

Trev Alberts handled last week about as good as anyone who isn’t sure on their head coach could. I believe that Trev Alberts is in the same spot I am… The results so far show that Frost isn’t going to get it done, but I need to be 100% certain that is the case ifContinue reading “Trev will be right no matter what, and should location play a part in what scheme you run?”

Where we go from here

I want to start off this post for saying if any of you reading this get information from someone who was saying “he is definitely getting fired” or “he is definitely being retained” you probably should stop listening to those people. If you remember in my post “Trev’s Big Decision 2.0”, I told you thatContinue reading “Where we go from here”

Purdue Recap 2021

Well, my preview couldn’t have been more wrong, so not sure what you’re doing continuing to read this. While last Saturday didn’t change this stat, the 2021 season now makes it after year 4 so that Scott Frost and this current staff do not have a winning record against any team in our division. TheyContinue reading “Purdue Recap 2021”

Purdue Preview 2021

Well, this will be a crazy Saturday. Scott Frost got his first win against Jeff Brohm last year during a Covid season where people are saying it doesn’t count. However, previous to that Brohm was 2-0 against our staff, and even had a win against us starting a walk-on backup QB with no Rondale Moore.Continue reading “Purdue Preview 2021”

2022 Recruiting Class Update/Nebraska Can Crush the Portal/Local Recruiting Rant

2022 Recruiting Class Currently Nebraska is ranked 83rd in the country according to Rivals with their 2022 recruiting class and it may be the first year since Rivals rankings that they do not sign a four star recruit. Drilling it down to the B1G, Nebraska is ranked 14th (last) and is tied for last withContinue reading “2022 Recruiting Class Update/Nebraska Can Crush the Portal/Local Recruiting Rant”


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