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What i’m hearing about Mickey, Rhule vs. Fickell, negativity moving forward, and the new hires

Can you give us one more year Coach Joseph?! Here’s what i’m hearing… MJ is trying to capitalize on the fact that he got us a win against Iowa and kept this team together. I’ve heard he’s asking for 7 figures and a 3 year deal. I tried googling things but that would make himContinue reading “What i’m hearing about Mickey, Rhule vs. Fickell, negativity moving forward, and the new hires”

Matt Rhule is our guy, so what are we getting?

We made this post back on 11/13 when we had been told by multiple media members and former players that he was our guy. We got lucky it stayed true, as there became numerous people starting to get anxious and thinking we were out of it with our top candidates. So many fans anymore areContinue reading “Matt Rhule is our guy, so what are we getting?”

Why i’m doubling down it’s Rhule so that I can be completely wrong in a few days

I want to start this post out by saying Trev has done a phenomenal job keeping this pretty buttoned up. No one really knows which direction this thing is going to go. But I do get more information than most, so I want to walk through how i’ve landed on Rhule still being the guy.Continue reading “Why i’m doubling down it’s Rhule so that I can be completely wrong in a few days”

Biggest on the field change and coaching odds

One of the things that has frustrated me over the past 5 seasons, is the fact that besides losing one score games, Nebraska basically has zero identity. It continued in 2022, and when things like that happen, it makes it really difficult to have success on Saturdays. If one of your friends that was aContinue reading “Biggest on the field change and coaching odds”

What the new HC will need to change immediately

When Riley was let go and we hired Frost from UCF, there was a ton of talk about how there was a losing culture in the program. In fact, fans and media took is so far to say that it was going to take a few years to get rid of the “losing Riley culture”Continue reading “What the new HC will need to change immediately”

SSO’s Top Candidates

Just a quick Friday read where I put into tiers what I would feel about the most talked about candidates for the HC job at Nebraska. Ecstatic about it: Matt Rhule – I think things are trending this way from media members and former guys I talk to. The longer it drags on the lessContinue reading “SSO’s Top Candidates”

Priorities for the coaching search

There’s been some dialogue on Twitter in regard to what people want in the new head coach and how it could possibly mirror what Trev Alberts is looking for. I dive into a little bit of what I think Nebraska needs to get back to where everyone wants us to be. 1 – Head CoachingContinue reading “Priorities for the coaching search”

Nebraska and NIL

First, my apologies on the absence. It got difficult to continue to write things when people you had relationships with were in a bit of flux and turmoil. Frankly anything I wrote would have been a guess anyway as I was just assuming how Busch would change the defense or how Whipple would do thingsContinue reading “Nebraska and NIL”

Friday Toilet Readings 9/30

It’s been a rough month for Nebraska, I took a bye with the team and we are back. Next week i’ll recap the Indiana game, do an Urban Meyer post since that was a hot topic the last couple weeks, and then a preview for Rutgers. Let’s get into it… Husker Quick Thoughts: -Really interestedContinue reading “Friday Toilet Readings 9/30”

Oklahoma Full Game Recap 2022

While the Georgia Southern game was a let down, this Oklahoma game seemed to be right up there as well. Everyone knew the Sooners had more firepower than the Huskers, but Trev Alberts had just fired Scott Frost, and some people thought this would bring a renewed energy to the team: Someone tag Jim onContinue reading “Oklahoma Full Game Recap 2022”


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