Nebraska’s Runs Against Minnesota and The New Play Clock Effect

We went into how we didn’t like the fact that Nebraska had Sims run the ball 19 times to get most of our yardage on the ground. This tweet resonated with me: If you want your QB to stay healthy through the season, you can’t have them running that many times. Further, if you areContinue reading “Nebraska’s Runs Against Minnesota and The New Play Clock Effect”

The Second Wave of Commits

We wrote an article about just how curious we were with the recruiting strategy of Rhule after so many non-ranked kids committed here: Rhule and staff then held their second big official visit weekend following camps the second week of June. We go over those commits here and our thoughts (in order of commitment) Dae’VonnContinue reading “The Second Wave of Commits”

Analyzing the recent run of commits

If you’re like me, when Matt Rhule was hired you looked at his track record of turning around programs like Temple and Baylor and thought to yourself “if he can do it at those two spots, certainly he can do it here.” Temple was competing against Penn State, Baylor was going up against the LonghornsContinue reading “Analyzing the recent run of commits”

We Debate the Kaelin Greatness (with myself)

I still remember watching Florida State offer Bellevue West QB Daniel Kaelin as a freshman back when he hadn’t started a varsity game yet. His recruitment was strange from then on, where he seemingly wanted to be a Husker, but was in the unfortunate situation where the #1 QB in the entire country was aContinue reading “We Debate the Kaelin Greatness (with myself)”

SSO 2024 In-State Recruit Rankings

This post is dedicated to my top 10 rankings of in-state players. It seems that every year people are flabbergasted about how many of our recruits in Nebraska are getting Power5 offers. With camps, social media, and 4 recruiting services now, it’s nearly impossible to be kept a secret. Couple that with Nebraska having 6Continue reading “SSO 2024 In-State Recruit Rankings”

Relationships and In-State Recruiting

We always hear about how back in the day, there was a fence around Nebraska. How no schools came in here to try and grab high school recruits because they knew how so few and far between they were to leave the state. Sure, you had your guys like Gale Sayers who went to OmahaContinue reading “Relationships and In-State Recruiting”

Colorado Coaches Analysis

Yesterday we went over each Colorado football transfer that came into the program here: It led many of you to ask “ya, but who is coaching these guys”. If you go to CU’s website, every coach basically just has their name with nothing about them (seriously). Except Coach Prime, who has a novel written aboutContinue reading “Colorado Coaches Analysis”