Spring Talk/NIL/S&C Changes?

Haven’t been around a ton, life gets the best of us sometimes. But wanted to give a few thoughts from the couple practices i’ve been to, some of the stuff that is sobering to hear about NIL, and give a tibdit a little birdy told me about S&C. I want to caution with the practiceContinue reading “Spring Talk/NIL/S&C Changes?”

2022 Position Preview – Outside Linebacker/Nickel

Following up the inside linebacker preview is our outside linebacker preview. While we lose one of our best defensive players at this spot, it appears there is enough pieces to keep things somewhat together here for the 2022 season. Mike Dawson will be back to help coach this group, but also takes on the taskContinue reading “2022 Position Preview – Outside Linebacker/Nickel”

A quick take on Nebraska’s NSD

The second national signing day has really turned into a dud the last few years ever since we added the December date. Typically you would get one or two things that you knew about, and that’s it. But let’s give Nebraska credit here, they hired a new RB and WR coach and they are showingContinue reading “A quick take on Nebraska’s NSD”

2022 Position Preview – Defensive Line

We finally get to the fun part where we get to talk about the defense. I feel like I spent the entirety of the offensive previews telling you who is back or coming in, then following it up with “but who knows what will happen since we have a brand new OC/position coach”. I wasContinue reading “2022 Position Preview – Defensive Line”

Riley news, I think I figured out NIL, and Omaha Recruiting getting an uptick

First, let’s start with the Riley news. We learned over the weekend that Jordon Riley was entering his name into the transfer portal. It of course sparked numerous opinions such as “good let’s see what Hutmacher can do” or “we play mostly an even front anyway” which always leave me scratching my head. I alwaysContinue reading “Riley news, I think I figured out NIL, and Omaha Recruiting getting an uptick”

2022 Position Preview – Offensive Line

I’m not sure any of you are getting much out of these… With the entire offensive staff gone from the previous season (except Beckton) i’ve given you a bunch of “depends on what the new guy likes in his players”. And unfortunately OL is no different. The good news is that after the OL preview,Continue reading “2022 Position Preview – Offensive Line”

2022 Position Preview – Wide Receiver

I’m not sure there’s a position group that better illustrates what Nebraska as a program has struggled with recently than WR. Let’s start with the fact that this will be their 3rd coach in 5 years, also their 3rd offensive coordinator in 5 years. It’s the 4th WR coach in 6 years overall. Let thatContinue reading “2022 Position Preview – Wide Receiver”