Fall Camp 2023: Runningback

This room has a lot to think about heading into 2022. Gone from the room are Sevion Morrison (Kansas), Marvin Scott III (Florida Atlantic), and Markese Stepp (unknown), who all hit the transfer portal. I remember Bill Belichick speaking and saying “everyone gets frustrated with free agency, but free agency, and graduation for you guys,Continue reading “Fall Camp 2023: Runningback”

2023 Recruiting and the Nebraska in-state class

A bulk of the heavy lifting for college football teams and recruiting is done during the June and July periods before the senior years start for kids and fall camp gets going for the coaches. It’s crazy to see just how much things have accelerated when it comes to this. I can remember even asContinue reading “2023 Recruiting and the Nebraska in-state class”

The roster weight article has arrived, which means fall camp is close

For those who didn’t see it, the OWH came out with their roster summary and weights of players from 2021 to 2022: https://omaha.com/sports/huskers/football/nebraska-football-roster-notes-new-position-groups-slimmed-down-linemen-and-lots-of-qbs/article_9468aa88-fd70-11ec-bef3-db0b816d7b07.html For many of you that followed me on the message board, you remember just how much I hated hearing about us putting on so much weight in such a short period ofContinue reading “The roster weight article has arrived, which means fall camp is close”

Thank you Joseph’s, the transfer haul, and Kansas State more talented?

If any of you followed me on the other site before, you probably read that I was trying to calm the masses about just how much NIL would help us. Many people thought “we are Nebraska and have a great backing in the community” and other things along those lines. I tried giving a warningContinue reading “Thank you Joseph’s, the transfer haul, and Kansas State more talented?”

2022 Position Preview – Outside Linebacker/Nickel

Following up the inside linebacker preview is our outside linebacker preview. While we lose one of our best defensive players at this spot, it appears there is enough pieces to keep things somewhat together here for the 2022 season. Mike Dawson will be back to help coach this group, but also takes on the taskContinue reading “2022 Position Preview – Outside Linebacker/Nickel”

A quick take on Nebraska’s NSD

The second national signing day has really turned into a dud the last few years ever since we added the December date. Typically you would get one or two things that you knew about, and that’s it. But let’s give Nebraska credit here, they hired a new RB and WR coach and they are showingContinue reading “A quick take on Nebraska’s NSD”