Spring 2023 Position Previews: Offensive Line

Arguably the worst offensive line i’ve seen in a Nebraska uniform took the field last year for the last season under the old regime. It was painful to watch the lack of development when we had a majority of our starting offensive line be 4 stars. And to really confuse things, the coach of theContinue reading “Spring 2023 Position Previews: Offensive Line”

Spring 2023 Position Previews: Wide Receiver

This is one of the more interesting positions for me. Nebraska loses its top guy from last year with Trey Palmer. And even with that, you see Nebraska with 14 scholarship WRs for camp and think there is plenty of talent to go around. Compare that to Iowa, where according to this Iowa now thatContinue reading “Spring 2023 Position Previews: Wide Receiver”

Spring 2023 Position Previews: Tightend

Losses: Travis Vokolek, Chris Hickman, James Carnie Returning Scholarship: Thomas Fidone, AJ Rollins, Chase Androff Additions: Arik Gilbert (Georgia), Jake Appleget (defense), Janiran Bonner (wide receiver), Ismael Smith-Flores We go from having options with Quarterback and Runningback, to me being worried for our TE position in 2023. If you look at our roster on theContinue reading “Spring 2023 Position Previews: Tightend”

Spring 2023 Position Previews: Runningback

On Monday we went over the quarterback room and what is returning and what was brought in. As we discussed there, it’s so tough to tell who will be a starter and who will transfer out based on what little we know in regards to what this staff will want. Let’s get into it. ReturningContinue reading “Spring 2023 Position Previews: Runningback”

Spring 2023 Position Previews: Quarterbacks

Our spring preview series is beginning. Really don’t care if it’s me or a media member, this is a bit ridiculous because none of us have any idea what Rhule and his staff will value. But we can talk about who is coming back and what we’ve added. Returning Scholarship: Starter Casey Thompson, Chubba Purdy,Continue reading “Spring 2023 Position Previews: Quarterbacks”

Shit or get off the pot time for many QBs

Quarterback recruiting is a weird situation. I’ve often told people the one position I “understand” that has a lot of portal entries is quarterback. 99% of the teams out there employ a one QB system unlike RB, WR, OL, etc. where multiple guys play. And there’s a common narrative out there that says “If youContinue reading “Shit or get off the pot time for many QBs”

Calling My Shot on 4 Things

Just wanted to roll through some things i’ve been talking about with other people and give thoughts on them. The first one is most important in my opinion for when the sky inevitably falls this spring. Rhule has a lot of work to do in-state for 2024 Much like with Frost’s first 2018 class, RhuleContinue reading “Calling My Shot on 4 Things”