Friday Toilet Reading

Starting a new Friday trend just to give some bathroom reading material. If you haven’t already checked it out, feel free to head over and look at our North Dakota Preview.

This is meant to address things that are being talked about in regard to Nebraska football, as well as around college football. Just because I post them doesn’t mean I believe them, just use them as a talking point at your water cooler.

Nebraska thoughts:

While I haven’t written Frost off yet, at what point in the season will he start to assert himself more if his job is on the line? What I mean is, if you had a 4million dollar per year job and you were on the ropes fighting for it, would you just sit back and let Whipple run the offense and hope he succeeded? I don’t think offense was our problem this past Saturday, but I also couldn’t just sit there and be “CEO” and watch things come crashing down. I would want my hand in things more than they were to get us to that point.

I’ll take any winner here in Lincoln, but the Urban Meyer thing before September even was here really frustrates me.

Gambling Picks:

Nebraska v North Dakota over 3 units (50.5)

LSU 3 units (-3)

NC State 2 units (-11.5)

Virginia Tech 1 unit (-6)

South Dakota State 1 unit (+17)

Boston College 1 unit (-7)

UCLA 1 unit (-23.5)

Oklahoma v UTEP over 1 unit (57)

Interesting tweets:

Kind of funny how late game collapses were blamed on Martinez, not that it happened to Thompson Texas fans going the same route:

Not really happy about this stat but it does make you think:

Really bothers me how good this guy is at football:

I see we are doing our best to keep the states number 1 recruit from committing here:

Stoops drunk on his own bath water it appears:

Well, this one stings a bit:


What a great Lou Holtz impersonation:

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6 thoughts on “Friday Toilet Reading

  1. I agree, Urban thing has got to be frustrating for Trev/Scott. Adds pressure, but it feels like 80% of the fan base is mentally ready to move on and grass is always greener.

    Urb’s agent throw that out there to just get his name circulating and/or get money out of fox, or do you think there is smoke there? If Trev is serious about winning big you can’t make a bigger splash than UM, regardless of off the field drama. Despite what Trev says publicly gotta imagine he’s also already exploring potential options just in case

    1. I somewhat understand it, when the seat is as hot as Frost’s. I just didn’t think it would get that hot before September. To your point, there’s so much external noise at this point it’s tough to ignore for our guys.

      When Urb retired from Florida he said he would only come back for two jobs, Notre Dame or Ohio State. Tough for me to believe all of a sudden Nebraska is in that echelon of teams. I think Urb wants back into the game a bit and his name is being floated to the first school that most people believe will have an opening. There were some troubling things Urb said while at Jacksonville like “this is so great not having to recruit guys anymore”. But maybe he will end up like Chip Kelly where that’s what you are good at so you have to do it. I just don’t think he ends up at Nebraska. However, Nebraska is a premier job out there as we have the easiest division in the top conferences while having the most resources IMO.

  2. Wow, that stat is a little mind-blowing. I know there’s been the discussion of how many one-possession games we’ve lost, and I could possibly chalk that up to some bad luck.

    I don’t know how other people look at the 80% win probability and losing – I guess you can say we have been rather successful and in good position and have had really bad luck to lose so many games.

    But I just look at that and say that many games lost when we were at an 80% win probability in such a short period of time is pretty clear to me to point and say that’s on coaching. Like, you should be able to find a way to finish off games way more often than that.

    That truly is a crazy stat to me, I’ve never seen that.

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