Friday Toilet Reading 9/9

Yesterday we had our Georgia Southern preview:

We will keep the same format as last week… here we go!

Nebraska random thoughts:

Steve Sipple was on the radio and said that Frost has to get to 8 wins to keep his job. I just don’t see that. I can see him getting to 7-5 and being retained. I get the Northwestern loss was bad, but if they get to 7 wins they only lose 4 more games with teams like Oklahoma, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Iowa on the schedule (never have beat them) as well as Purdue and Minnesota who we have only beaten once. That means he’s beating 2 teams outside his norm. I see us keeping him at 7-5, that would be Nebraska’s best record since 2016. Tough to pull the rip cord at that point.

Nebraska continues to be a destination for top players, even with the transfer portal:

But our results aren’t close to this graphic. What if I told you grabbing a five star that couldn’t make it at Ohio State or a 4 star who couldn’t make it at USC isn’t as good as grabbing the overachieving FCS kid or a high school player?


Last week we ended up down 1 unit… which is tough because some of the lines I had weren’t even close come Saturday (like the Nebraska one). Whatever, we will take it.

Maryland 1st half team total: 3 units (24.5)

Alabama 1st half: 2 units (-11.5)

Appalachian State: 1 unit (+20)

Duke 1 unit: (+10.5)

Notre Dame: 1 unit (-20.5)

Funny tweets:

Truly remarkable:

Not as remarkable as how bad their QB is (who beat us last year and still won his first game this year with a 1.1 QBR):

This guy acting like having to scramble to find which channel a sporting event is switching to due to other games starting or being longer than expected is “disrespectful to women’s sports” as if I don’t have to do that 5 or 6 times every football season for a game is peak 2022:

Everyone says that the pressure is higher at Nebraska which is a reason for our problems this century, how about Brian Kelly getting this from a reporter one game in? Can you imagine if Sam McKewon came with this to Frost after losing to Colorado game 1:

Fit is so important for football players, Jones who played at Iowa in 2021 is having a great start after transferring to Purdue, and the twitter account is throwing shade:

In case you didn’t watch the LSU game, a player morphed into a torpedo to give clinic tape to all refs and teams on what targeting is:

See you on Tuesday with the Georgia Southern recap!

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4 thoughts on “Friday Toilet Reading 9/9

  1. Will be interesting but I gotta be honest I don’t see more than 3 or 4 more wins tops on that schedule which is frightening.

    Some crazy stuff out there. No question we are the “all bus team” with plenty of talent on that roster but not even close to living up to it. The Petras stats are mind boggling. How in the hell do they keep posting W’s with possibly the worst QB of all time lol! And don’t get me started on Kelly. Talk about a square peg in a round hole. I get the money but what the hell were both sides thinking on that one.

    1. I think Iowa keeps winning because they know who they are. Unreal defense, and special teams always one of the best in the nation. But if Iowa had a QB with a pulse they could be a real threat.

  2. Good stuff!

    Just reading this now. If you forget what happened today, you said you’d see it tough pulling the cord at 7-5. Is that what you think would happen, or what should happen, or both? Beating Rutgers, Illinois, Purdue, Minnesota, and Indiana as only P5 wins in year 5 is not what I would deem worthy of retention. I get that if it was it was viewed as progress after a year or 2, but that was always my fear this year is that our record would show ‘progress’, but we literally have 4 losing season in a row, so ‘progress’ of a winning record is just too low of a bar for me personally 5 years in. I’m cool if others think differently, just can’t personally see it. (After today, may not matter – I hope)

    Brian Kelly clip, haha. Can’t say I really had seen many pressers with him, but have to say I think he had that comment coming with how he came off. Sounded really douche-y to me. I get being frustrated, but feel like it lacks some self-awareness to call out media day 1 after a loss at a new place.

    And that targeting clip….haha. Yes, that is targeting. I personally hate what targeting is become. Wish it would be left for instances like that where intent is clear.

    1. While this is meaningless after losing to Georgia Southern, I agree with you that beating Minnesota and Purdue shouldn’t have marked a good season. That said, I just couldn’t see Trev doing it at 7-5. But that of course would have required beating Georgia Southern.

      Kelly is just a weirdo in my opinion.

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