Friday Toilet Readings 9/16

Sticking with the same format… though my Husker thoughts are on the Alberts post (remember we had two today!)

Gambling Picks:

We finished up 2 units last week, bringing us back to the positive and up 1 unit for the year. Here’s what we like this week:

Cal 2 units (+11)

Tulane Kansas State over 2 units (47)

Minnesota Colorado Over 2 units (47)

Washington State 2 units (-17)

UNLV 1 unit (-3)

Baylor Texas State over 1 unit (53)

Ohio 1 unit (+18.5)

Kansas 1 unit (+8.5)

Funny Tweets:

If you didn’t hear about it, some Iowa fan paid McCaffrey and Stoops on Cameo to unknowingly send a message to “Brian”. Turns out it was mocking their OC Brian Ferentz:

I know we will all be excited for the Oklahoma game, but let’s practice responsible tailgating please:

When Desmond’s graphic flashed on the screen, I remember live thinking “what the fuck”

Someone explain to me why this would be a good play to run:

Been there:

Woke up losing to Georgia Southern and found out Leveon Bell and Adrian Peterson had a boxing match:

This pregnant chick is lucky she had her hand up:

What a great rant lol:

Don’t forget we had two posts today!

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