Friday Toilet Readings 9/30

It’s been a rough month for Nebraska, I took a bye with the team and we are back. Next week i’ll recap the Indiana game, do an Urban Meyer post since that was a hot topic the last couple weeks, and then a preview for Rutgers. Let’s get into it…

Husker Quick Thoughts:

-Really interested to see what our defense looks like with Bill Busch. Everyone says he is going to simplify things, but I can’t imagine our defense looking any more vanilla or remedial. If i’m him, i’m taking chances blitzing and giving more one on one coverage out there. It will be boom or bust, but it can’t get worse.

-Mickey Joseph will not be the next Nebraska HC.

Gambling Picks:

We are up 3 units on the year, which means it’s time for the skid. May need to fade me.

Kentucky 2 units (+7)

Cal 2 units (+4)

Purdue Minnesota over 2 units (52)

Washington 1 unit (-2.5)

Nebraska Indiana overs 1 unit (60.5)

Oregon State 1 unit (+10.5)

Wake Forest Florida State under 1 unit (66)

Funny Tweets:

First one isn’t football related, RIP to Coolio but Virgil had the best send off:

Northwestern getting a new field is interesting, still probably won’t be able to fill it:

Luke Combs coming strong:

Barry is back!

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11 thoughts on “Friday Toilet Readings 9/30

  1. You’re very certain that Coach Joseph won’t be the next HC. What is the reason, no prior experience or just that there is higher targets on Trev’s radar

    1. Higher targets on Trev’s radar with coaching experience. Unless Joseph gets to the CCG there is no way he will be our next HC. Trev has his sites set on very specific things, someone who has never been a HC isn’t one of them. He is a massive long shot, and about as much of a chance as Urban.

  2. When you say Mickey won’t be the head coach, is that you’re thought or based on something you heard?

  3. When you say Mickey will not be the head coach, is that just your opinion or based on something you’re hearing? I personally never thought he was a real option until yesterday I heard something that made me think a little differently. Just curious what made you make that statement.

    1. People thinking he needs to be HC based on beating Indiana or Rutgers just need to pump the brakes, it will all play out the way it’s supposed to. Mickey has as much chance to be our HC as Urban.

      1. Sorry for the double post. I also thought he had no chance and I’m not advocating for him to be the HC either. But I also question why Mickey left LSU where he was very comfortable for what amounted to a small pay raise. Mickey and Trev obviously go way back so it’s my assumption there’s a good chance he was brought in by Trev to begin with. I understand we’d likely have to finish the season very strong but for some reason I’ve changed my tune a bit and think that he will very much be in consideration.

  4. Nowhere else to ask this… Why did Coach Joseph pull Tommi Hill from our already thin defensive backfield to shore up a large WR room? Just asking.

    1. We lost a guy we were playing with Isaiah and no one else is really stepping up besides Trey, unfortunately. Also, Hill was really struggling over there and I think he saw the writing on the wall.

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