Toilet Reading Week 2

As we did last year, we will give you some toilet reading that typically is Friday to get you ready for the weekend. With Nebraska playing today, we will do it Thursday this week.

Not sure why I find this funny, but we start out with quite the video:

Found one of my favorite new Twitter accounts, as he does what I do but times 16.

The more I try to get away from our blunders the past few years, the more freaking Elon and his people keep rubbing it in my face!

We have a girl that’s getting ready to go viral folks! Go Big Red!

AI Dabo is my favorite Dabo, taking shots at the Hawkeyes!

Sticking with mocking the Hawkeyes… after struggling to score against putrid Utah State an offensive player is popping off:

I tend to lose money every year gambling, but let’s take a look at what would happen if we faded all of these. We would have to make money I feel.

Alright, which one of you was on this Delta flight?

Don’t forget we had two other posts today with the Colorado Preview and our Gambling picks!

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