What on earth is going on in Boulder

I think we all knew when Deion Sanders was hired, that there would be some pretty unique things that happened out in Colorado during his first year. After going 1-11, there was a lot of work that needed to be done with that squad. But what’s happening is unprecedented… Look, if you’ve read my stuffContinue reading “What on earth is going on in Boulder”

SSO’s Practice Observations (Defense)

Sorry for the shameless plugs this week, but if anytime you were going to donate if we could for these this week with practice updates, coaching differences, and S&C that would be great. Site fees are coming due. Sorry, on with it. So first I want to just say that I think things are muchContinue reading “SSO’s Practice Observations (Defense)”

Spring 2023 Position Previews: Linebacker

This one and defensive line is just odd to talk about. While DL has theoretically the same amount of guys as LBs, i’m still trying to figure out just how things are going to look with the LB room and alignment (more on that tomorrow in my defensive practice observations thread). Inside LBs Back areContinue reading “Spring 2023 Position Previews: Linebacker”

SSO’s Practice Observations (Offense)

Ok, shameless plug here. I was going to have a “membership” area for posts like these but I like the fact it’s free. If there were ever some that you donate for, if it could be these i’d really appreciate it. Again, it’s not required, just trying to stay motivated and not be upside downContinue reading “SSO’s Practice Observations (Offense)”

Going over a few coaching differences from the last 5 years to Rhule and Company

The old joke about football is that if you ask 100 coaches how something should be done, you will end up getting 100 different answers. So that’s why when things go great people try to emulate but put their own spin on it. Conversely when things go bad you can say “see they shouldn’t haveContinue reading “Going over a few coaching differences from the last 5 years to Rhule and Company”

Spring 2023 Position Previews: Defensive Line

So I hate to start this Monday off with a pretty minimal preview, but we are running a 3-3-5 and quite honestly Coach Knighton is only going to have 2 guys on the field in most occasions. Maybe 3. I still remember looking down at the DL doing drills while I was watching QBs whoContinue reading “Spring 2023 Position Previews: Defensive Line”

Spring 2023 Position Previews: Offensive Line

Arguably the worst offensive line i’ve seen in a Nebraska uniform took the field last year for the last season under the old regime. It was painful to watch the lack of development when we had a majority of our starting offensive line be 4 stars. And to really confuse things, the coach of theContinue reading “Spring 2023 Position Previews: Offensive Line”

Spring 2023 Position Previews: Wide Receiver

This is one of the more interesting positions for me. Nebraska loses its top guy from last year with Trey Palmer. And even with that, you see Nebraska with 14 scholarship WRs for camp and think there is plenty of talent to go around. Compare that to Iowa, where according to this Iowa now thatContinue reading “Spring 2023 Position Previews: Wide Receiver”

Spring 2023 Position Previews: Tightend

Losses: Travis Vokolek, Chris Hickman, James Carnie Returning Scholarship: Thomas Fidone, AJ Rollins, Chase Androff Additions: Arik Gilbert (Georgia), Jake Appleget (defense), Janiran Bonner (wide receiver), Ismael Smith-Flores We go from having options with Quarterback and Runningback, to me being worried for our TE position in 2023. If you look at our roster on theContinue reading “Spring 2023 Position Previews: Tightend”