What the new HC will need to change immediately

When Riley was let go and we hired Frost from UCF, there was a ton of talk about how there was a losing culture in the program. In fact, fans and media took is so far to say that it was going to take a few years to get rid of the “losing Riley culture”Continue reading “What the new HC will need to change immediately”

Priorities for the coaching search

There’s been some dialogue on Twitter in regard to what people want in the new head coach and how it could possibly mirror what Trev Alberts is looking for. I dive into a little bit of what I think Nebraska needs to get back to where everyone wants us to be. 1 – Head CoachingContinue reading “Priorities for the coaching search”

Oklahoma Full Game Recap 2022

While the Georgia Southern game was a let down, this Oklahoma game seemed to be right up there as well. Everyone knew the Sooners had more firepower than the Huskers, but Trev Alberts had just fired Scott Frost, and some people thought this would bring a renewed energy to the team: Someone tag Jim onContinue reading “Oklahoma Full Game Recap 2022”

My reaction to the Chinander firing

Well, down goes another UCF connection, as we learned on Sunday that Interim HC Mickey Joseph fired Nebraska and Scott Frost’s DC. First, let me go a bit “ugh” with this. Part of me just wonders what on earth we are going to accomplish doing this. As Alberts said, we fired Frost for the kidsContinue reading “My reaction to the Chinander firing”

Friday Toilet Readings 9/16

Sticking with the same format… though my Husker thoughts are on the Alberts post (remember we had two today!) Gambling Picks: We finished up 2 units last week, bringing us back to the positive and up 1 unit for the year. Here’s what we like this week: Cal 2 units (+11) Tulane Kansas State overContinue reading “Friday Toilet Readings 9/16”

My thoughts on the dismissal of Frost

Before we get into it, don’t forget we had two posts today! Our Friday toilet reading: https://herbieshangout.com/2022/09/16/friday-toilet-readings-9-16/ After the game this past Saturday, there was something weird in the air. The October 1st date was well known by everyone, but something was wrong. We had just lost to a team we paid 1.4 million dollarsContinue reading “My thoughts on the dismissal of Frost”