Oklahoma Full Game Recap 2022

While the Georgia Southern game was a let down, this Oklahoma game seemed to be right up there as well. Everyone knew the Sooners had more firepower than the Huskers, but Trev Alberts had just fired Scott Frost, and some people thought this would bring a renewed energy to the team: Someone tag Jim onContinue reading “Oklahoma Full Game Recap 2022”

Georgia Southern Full Game Recap 2022

It’s been a weird last 72 hours, Nebraska lost a game to a team that it paid 1.4 million to come play here. What was looked at as a sure win when we made the contract, ended up costing us way more in the end. The loss to the eagles ended up accelerating the timelineContinue reading “Georgia Southern Full Game Recap 2022”

North Dakota Full Game Recap 2022

With the help of an FCS opponent with 20 less scholarships, Nebraska snapped a 7 game losing streak and was able to get into the win column moving to 1-1 this year. Despite a second half surge, ESPN’s FPI dropped our estimated win total to 5.8-6.2, predicting 6-6 for our season finish. https://www.espn.com/college-football/fpi I’m notContinue reading “North Dakota Full Game Recap 2022”

Northwestern Full Game Recap 2022

Well, that couldn’t have went any worse in Ireland this past weekend. Week 1 hasn’t even started for most college football teams, yet Nebraska is not only 0-1, but already lost a division game within the B1G. Many of the things we previewed in our ‘Northwestern Preview’ came to fruition, and we will go overContinue reading “Northwestern Full Game Recap 2022”