Trev’s Big Decision 2.0

I had this planned for the bye week, but i’m hearing we should probably get a statement in the next 72 hours. If we get one, all is well in Husker land. If it’s radio silent… not good. So I want to start this post out by again stating that I think one of theContinue reading “Trev’s Big Decision 2.0”

In what game does Nebraska have the coaching advantage in our final 7 contests?

Northwestern Wildcats and Pat Fitzgerald (1-2) – Northwestern has won the division title 2 of the 3 years Frost has been here and Fitzgerald seemingly is always mentioned for big jobs due to his ability to get more with less players due to the restrictions at Northwestern academically in taking recruits. Our lone win isContinue reading “In what game does Nebraska have the coaching advantage in our final 7 contests?”

Getting talented players on the field

Watching the Minnesota game last night, I couldn’t help but get really nervous for our upcoming schedule. Losing to Illinois, Minnesota almost becomes a must win to get to 6 wins and a bowl game. But what were they doing to be ahead of Ohio State at the half? I’m going to table the factContinue reading “Getting talented players on the field”

Nebraska and the NCAA allegations

Well, I am in work this morning and start seeing Twitter blowing up about the recent NCAA infractions that we are being accused of. There’s essentially two parts to this: “Improper use of analysts and consultants during practices and games. The school has significant video footage confirming the practice violations took place in the presenceContinue reading “Nebraska and the NCAA allegations”