Going Over The Recruiting Class: Offense

We went over the transfers on Monday… now we will get into grading each position group and how the new staff did addressing the needs. Quarterback (1): Jeff Sims – Georgia Tech Transfer Nebraska has a ton of scholarship guys coming back in this room, but we are hurting here in my opinion. Casey ThompsonContinue reading “Going Over The Recruiting Class: Offense”

Going over the recruiting class: Transfers

Rhule did an unbelievable job grabbing some transfer portal guys to help not only bolster our 247 team composite ranking, but fill some gaps where it’s paramount you have someone that can play. Here is a Nebraska football tweet of who all signed: If you like stars, the transfer portal gave you everything you wantedContinue reading “Going over the recruiting class: Transfers”

How can Nebraska use the transfer portal effectively?

I’ll continue to reference things I discussed at the previous message board, and this was a hot topic that came up while I was on my way to being kicked off. One of the things that continually came up was whenever JD Spielman, Wandale Robinson, or Adrian Martinez put their name in the transfer portal,Continue reading “How can Nebraska use the transfer portal effectively?”

NIL Reality for Nebraska

Really sorry for a little bit of sobering reading this morning with how well the recruiting went yesterday for us. I kind of went off the poll from last week. We will get it back on track with positivity tomorrow! If you’re like me, you were pretty worried about what NIL would make college football.Continue reading “NIL Reality for Nebraska”

Grading the Head Coaching Hires

Post #1 of our 5 part series for the holiday week is going to go over the Nebraska hire compared to Wisconsin, Colorado, Auburn, and Arizona State. This will hopefully set the stage for a deeper dive into Matt Rhule and his staff tomorrow when we go over Nebraska’s hires and our expectations. For thoseContinue reading “Grading the Head Coaching Hires”

Recruiting, the Portal, and a little bit on Mickey

When it comes to recruiting, I have been beating the drum for a while now to not worry about it until we had a head coach in place and December 2nd came our way. I still remember when Malachi Coleman committed in October, and I tried to let people know that the recruiting class andContinue reading “Recruiting, the Portal, and a little bit on Mickey”

7 Million Dollar Salary Pool and Rhule Already Recruiting How It Worked For Him Prior

Let’s first talk about the 7 million dollar salary. Pool, let’s use this tweet for reference: I talked about the fact that Mickey was wanting 7 figures to stick around, and with us paying what we had to with Rhule to get him out of his Carolina Panthers buyout, the numbers get a little tricky.Continue reading “7 Million Dollar Salary Pool and Rhule Already Recruiting How It Worked For Him Prior”

What i’m hearing about Mickey, Rhule vs. Fickell, negativity moving forward, and the new hires

Can you give us one more year Coach Joseph?! Here’s what i’m hearing… MJ is trying to capitalize on the fact that he got us a win against Iowa and kept this team together. I’ve heard he’s asking for 7 figures and a 3 year deal. I tried googling things but that would make himContinue reading “What i’m hearing about Mickey, Rhule vs. Fickell, negativity moving forward, and the new hires”