College Football Weekend Recap

Just starting something new of funny tweets/happenings from the weekend:

Any of you catch this tweet from me?

Well… Eastern Washington got up by 41 points in the second half and somehow managed to not cover the 10 points. A truly unbelievable way to lose your mortgage!

I see Nebraska fans are still embarrassing themselves nationally (this is a good account to follow fyi):

I love myself a good troll by an official account. This one compliments of Fresno State football after beating UCLA:

That Fresno State QB is really freaking good:

Not college, but weekend recap worthy. I mean, just go to thee apparel store and get some new pants:

This is impressive:

Who can help me out with what is going on here?

4 thoughts on “College Football Weekend Recap

  1. OMG, I needed a good laugh today! Those are hilarious..each one better than the next it seems! I have been there before with games like Eastern Washington..what a sick, sick feeling to watch it slip away:( I think the Uconn drive list is the most impressive thing on here…even more so than the shit guy at Heinz field..he must of been upset over my Raiders taking it to his squad

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