What on earth is going on in Boulder

I think we all knew when Deion Sanders was hired, that there would be some pretty unique things that happened out in Colorado during his first year. After going 1-11, there was a lot of work that needed to be done with that squad. But what’s happening is unprecedented… Look, if you’ve read my stuffContinue reading “What on earth is going on in Boulder”

College Football Weekend Recap 10/4

If you missed it… Big Urban Meyer got in some heat having a female not his wife grinding up on him: Which of course led to thousands of tweets like this, so just search his name: Nebraska fans then getting in the act sounding stupid: That Nebraska guy unaware that the 27 year old hotContinue reading “College Football Weekend Recap 10/4”

College Football Weekend Recap

Georgia Southern with a pregame entrance that i’ve never seen… pretty impressive: Believe it or not that coach was fired. I still believe Fleck is a really good coach… but this tweet was a bit eye opening for me. Also love the term “carnival barker”: I remember being really scared after watching Graham Mertz’s firstContinue reading “College Football Weekend Recap”

College Football Weekend Recap

Just starting something new of funny tweets/happenings from the weekend: Any of you catch this tweet from me? Well… Eastern Washington got up by 41 points in the second half and somehow managed to not cover the 10 points. A truly unbelievable way to lose your mortgage! I see Nebraska fans are still embarrassing themselvesContinue reading “College Football Weekend Recap”