College Football Weekend Recap

Georgia Southern with a pregame entrance that i’ve never seen… pretty impressive:

Believe it or not that coach was fired.

I still believe Fleck is a really good coach… but this tweet was a bit eye opening for me. Also love the term “carnival barker”:

I remember being really scared after watching Graham Mertz’s first game. With him at the helm Wisconsin is beatable. Him against Spencer Petras from Iowa may be a thing of beauty:

In case you missed it, Ohio State had a guy quit midgame and start tweeting. Finally trumping that one player we had tweeting midgame about how bad we were:

Back to Fleck, my boy absolutely despises him and everytime I get this tweet sent my way I 1) laugh then 2) go find out what went wrong for the Gophers

Unfortunately this is roasting our past four years but still funny:

Not college but a 66 yarder for the win deserves the mention plus the surrender cobras:

Rondale Moore apparently dropped a punt because the ref threw a flag that hit the ball mid-air:

This guy is a headline waiting to happen, probably not the best way to go about passing the drug test:

Rough weekend for the ACC with another Clemson loss:

Not entirely sure what’s going on here, but it deserved a mention:

On field view of the last play of the game for the NC State upset over Clemson. NC State with multiple ex-Nebraska coaches now on their staff:

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