College Football Weekend Recap 10/4

If you missed it… Big Urban Meyer got in some heat having a female not his wife grinding up on him:

Which of course led to thousands of tweets like this, so just search his name:

Nebraska fans then getting in the act sounding stupid:

That Nebraska guy unaware that the 27 year old hot blonde is actually a 50 year old hacker… but that’s fine.

Gameday continues its downward spiral not going to the Iowa vs Penn State game:

Big win for Cincy on Saturday:

Lane Kiffin with a “get your popcorn ready” throwing of the headset, then proceeds to get blanked in the first half:

Wisconsin really bad or Michigan really good:

Things not going great for the preseason poll:

2 thoughts on “College Football Weekend Recap 10/4

  1. SSO, how about that short side option that went for 83 yards Saturday night?
    It was beautiful to behold!

    1. That was great! I don’t think i’ve ever seen a defense so lost in my life as what I saw on Saturday from Northwestern. But it was nice our coaches put them in conflict to get them that way.

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