What on earth is going on in Boulder

I think we all knew when Deion Sanders was hired, that there would be some pretty unique things that happened out in Colorado during his first year. After going 1-11, there was a lot of work that needed to be done with that squad. But what’s happening is unprecedented…

Look, if you’ve read my stuff before i’ve always somewhat mocked publications like Phil Steele’s that give positive points to teams returning a bunch of starters, even if they are a bad football team. I always said does it really matter if you bring back a bunch of shitty players? It’s probably not a good thing.

But at some point you have to have players to play…

17 portal entries in one day? You are essentially making the entire spring practice period for nothing. You aren’t going to have anyone left that was here working on how you want things done for your spring ball. I understand they are bringing in a trillion transfers, but they basically have to figure it out over the summer and in fall camp. Then they start with a defending CFP team in TCU and we get them second game.

I know what people are saying, “Nebraska is going to have a ton in the portal too!” Right, because we have 98 scholarship players right now. We will have roughly a dozen hit the portal in total… the Buffs had 17 in one freaking day. Further, Colorado is sitting at 68 total scholarship players right now, so they are losing guys when they really don’t need to. In fact, some of these guys leaving aren’t bad. One of the players that just left already has SEC offers to come play, while Colorado is offering MAC and FCS players to come here.

I made this tweet a while back, and it’s starting to look so much closer to it than I thought:

For those not familiar, Frazier got to Doane and essentially just decimated the roster because it “needed a talent upgrade.” He was determined to bring in All-State players from Florida to give an immediate infusion to the lockerroom. But what happened next is what’s going to happen in Boulder. He ran everyone off, only ends up signing about a dozen guys, and all hell breaks loose. To be fair, he did pull in a few guys that were really good, just like Deion will in Boulder. He will grab 4 or 5 skill guys that are really good. But eventually he will figure out that you just can’t do that this way in Power 5 football. This isn’t Jackson State. Eventually they will just need bodies and bring in awful players after running off a lot of these guys. Literally no WRs left:

Look, this was always going to go unbelievably great in Boulder, or unbelievably awful. But it’s really starting to look like the latter. I get that you need new guys, but you also gotta coach up what you got. They are going to start 1-4 or something like that and the glamour will wear off. He will start blaming that they need more players. And don’t forget, anyone worth anything in the portal right now is looking for NIL. Colorado doesn’t have anywhere close to what Nebraska has laying around for NIL, let alone SEC schools.

This thing is going to be a disaster. And i’m here for all of it.

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8 thoughts on “What on earth is going on in Boulder

  1. I can’t think of many other coach and college duos that I would hope abjectly fails as Deion and Colorado.

  2. I concur with hrock, Deion is sCUm.
    I was stationed in Hawaii back in 2011-2014, and every year the pro bowl was there they would have events for the military and their families. The 2014 pro bowl was the first year where they had HOFerms pick teams (Rice vs Sanders).
    One of the events was going to a practice that was held on Hickman AFB and after the practice there was a huge meet and great/autograph session.
    There were a handful of people who were obviously FSU fans and were trying to get Deion to sign their FSU gear, keep in. Ind this is supposed to be about the troops and their families. Well Deion wouldn’t sign any of that, and when a mom whose probably 10 year old was turned down by the “awesome” Deion she explains it was for her husband an FSU grad and how he loves Deion who is deployed in Afghanistan.
    Deion’s reply was “I don’t do that college stuff, only cowboys and falcons stuff is what I’m getting paid for.”
    Now you might think, ok the NFL is paying these guys to sign stuff, yet there were tons of people with LSU, OSU, Alabama, and other college gear that players were happily singing and taking selfies with.
    To me that makes him a jerk and I hope it turns out to be the dumpster fire if all dumpster fires.

  3. Agree 100%. Deon is a great example of who you dont want leading men. Do you want your kid to act like Deon Sanders? We have a guy here in NE that is opposite and it makes me proud. Even when Deon says the right thing about accountability, hard work etc…..it is always fallowed by an ego, prima donna comment of some sort. Hes an embarassment IMO and watching him fail will be enjoyable

  4. The way Deion acts, I’m surprised he had the success he did at Jackson State. He reminds me of a more exaggerated version of PJ Fleck. Anyway, I hope they go 0-12 this year.

    1. I stumbled into an HBCU practice one time while on our guys football trip and it was really interesting to watch. I’m sure Deion had things more streamlined that what I saw, but with him getting a P5 QB and the #1 recruit to Jackson State, not sure they had to do much.

      Now, when he goes to a P5 team and plays Utah, USC, and other schools it won’t be so easy.

  5. Looks like a trainwreck and I am absolutely here for it. I can’t believe there was actually people that wanted him to be the coach here…

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