Oklahoma Preview 2021

Quite the weekend I had… First, i’ll apologize for the week of silence for the most part. As most of you know, I went to hang with some USC buddies for the Stanford game. Quite the ride to sitting in the HCs office watching practice on Thursday, to being at LAX and receiving word heContinue reading “Oklahoma Preview 2021”

Getting talented players on the field

Watching the Minnesota game last night, I couldn’t help but get really nervous for our upcoming schedule. Losing to Illinois, Minnesota almost becomes a must win to get to 6 wins and a bowl game. But what were they doing to be ahead of Ohio State at the half? I’m going to table the factContinue reading “Getting talented players on the field”

Should Frost have brought his entire staff with him from UCF?

That’s getting a ton of run now that we lost the first game of year 4 against a team we were supposed to beat, and are now 12-21 with an uphill battle to get to a bowl game. There’s a ton of pros/cons, but let me lay out my thoughts. First, I don’t think it’sContinue reading “Should Frost have brought his entire staff with him from UCF?”

Defensive Backs Preview 2021

Now for the fun one!!! When Frost and his staff got here in December of 2017, they identified two position groups that needed immediate upgrades not only in talent but in depth. Wide Receiver and Defensive Back were the two they circled. In fact, our head man would mock people saying we needed to keepContinue reading “Defensive Backs Preview 2021”