Illinois Preview 2021

This one is pretty tough, not only am I not quite sure what’s going to be happening with us, our opponent has a new coach and new schemes everywhere. The spread has basically settled at -7 for this. Illinois has Peters back at QB that has given us some issues before, and they have aContinue reading “Illinois Preview 2021”

Defensive Backs Preview 2021

Now for the fun one!!! When Frost and his staff got here in December of 2017, they identified two position groups that needed immediate upgrades not only in talent but in depth. Wide Receiver and Defensive Back were the two they circled. In fact, our head man would mock people saying we needed to keepContinue reading “Defensive Backs Preview 2021”

Outside Linebacker Preview 2021

My apologies for the delay getting this out. Weekend went off the rails and the Wine/Balloon Festival in Elkhorn completely ruined all of my plans as I must have too many samples. Now for an interesting position group. If you read my 3-4 vs 4-3 argument, this position is one that people always point toContinue reading “Outside Linebacker Preview 2021”

Nebraska Moving Back to East Sideline

Not sure if many of you remember, but during the pandemic last year, Scott Frost and Nebraska moved for the first time to the West Sideline (where the coaches boxes are). Here’s a Journal Star article on it by a really good journalist, Parker Gabriel: There’s a few things in that… but the longContinue reading “Nebraska Moving Back to East Sideline”

Inside Linebacker Preview 2021

ILB (and quite frankly all the LBs) always confuse me a bit. We basically have recruited every single LB and said “he can play inside or outside” and then we have to guess where they are going to play. It’s pretty obvious that heading into fall camp the top 4 were Honas, Reimer, Kolarevic, andContinue reading “Inside Linebacker Preview 2021”

Defensive Line Preview 2021

Now for the fun part of the previews. Out are the previews that i’ve been writing of “but we have no experience in actual games” or “our depth is lacking” or “four stars everywhere, they just need to get on the field.” Defensive Line is basically how Frost drew up the rebuild when he gotContinue reading “Defensive Line Preview 2021”

Nebraska and the NCAA allegations

Well, I am in work this morning and start seeing Twitter blowing up about the recent NCAA infractions that we are being accused of. There’s essentially two parts to this: “Improper use of analysts and consultants during practices and games. The school has significant video footage confirming the practice violations took place in the presenceContinue reading “Nebraska and the NCAA allegations”