College Football Weekend Recap

Just starting something new of funny tweets/happenings from the weekend: Any of you catch this tweet from me? Well… Eastern Washington got up by 41 points in the second half and somehow managed to not cover the 10 points. A truly unbelievable way to lose your mortgage! I see Nebraska fans are still embarrassing themselvesContinue reading “College Football Weekend Recap”

Getting talented players on the field

Watching the Minnesota game last night, I couldn’t help but get really nervous for our upcoming schedule. Losing to Illinois, Minnesota almost becomes a must win to get to 6 wins and a bowl game. But what were they doing to be ahead of Ohio State at the half? I’m going to table the factContinue reading “Getting talented players on the field”

Should Frost have brought his entire staff with him from UCF?

That’s getting a ton of run now that we lost the first game of year 4 against a team we were supposed to beat, and are now 12-21 with an uphill battle to get to a bowl game. There’s a ton of pros/cons, but let me lay out my thoughts. First, I don’t think it’sContinue reading “Should Frost have brought his entire staff with him from UCF?”